WATCH: Collaboration in Microsoft 365 – Tips and tricks with Matter365


Speaker: Rohit Parekh, Vice President for Customer Success at Matter365

Microsoft 365 has all the apps you need to run your law firm. However, most users fail to take full advantage of the built-in collaboration tools.

OneDrive isn’t just for file storage. It enables the simultaneous editing of documents, the apparent approval and the automatic versioning. You’ll never have to search your email for the latest version of a document again! Planner also offers a matter management system with which you and your team can keep an eye on all tasks and deadlines. Finally, Team offers you an integrated application for internal communication, video conferencing and file sharing that your team can use to stay connected and keep track of things (without clogging your inbox).

Learn tips and tricks about these apps that will help you work better with the tools you are already paying for.

learning goals

  • OneDrive – Share documents and folders, edit rights, chat in files, version control
  • Planner – material management, assignment of tasks, filtering of views, integration of tasks in the calendar
  • Teams – chats, meetings, team pages, video meetings

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