The Week on the Sports Betting News: Ohio Senate Reveals Sports Betting Bill

Have a nice Monday to all of you and a belated Happy Mother’s Day to all of the moms out there who catch up on sports betting news.

The LSR podcast The crew followed up their 100th episode with another strong episode including the ending of the William Hill Mark in the US and updates on the upcoming expansion of sports betting in Florida.

This time of year has come when some pieces of legislation are finalized while others are just getting started. Make sure you follow @ LSPReport on Twitter for the latest government news.

Top Sports Betting News: Ohio Senate Dumps Proposed Bill

The first proposal to legalize sports betting in Ohio is finally out, but it’s not quite what everyone was expecting.

The senateSports betting legislation includes 40 Total licenses, 20th including cell phone and others 20th only for sports betting in retail. The proposal does not include guaranteed licenses for the state’s casinos or professional teams.

The first testimony will be heard on that bill this week and there may already be a replacement. It clarifies that mobile licenses also allow sports betting for retailers on the property and that mobile licensees must be responsible for the risk.

Elsewhere the Ohio House is still working on his sports betting proposal, MP Brigid Kelly said LSR.

DraftKings continues to spend a lot of money

The good news from the DraftKings Sports Betting Call for results is that the company increases its expected sales in 2021.

The bad news? Money is still bleeding. DraftKings issued $ 346 million in the first quarter inclusive $ 229 million on sales and marketing.

However, DraftKings has a lot to bleed. The cash on hand at the end of the quarter was $ 2.8 billion.

The company focused on a social element of its platform that it will be rolling out in the coming weeks. With the new features, bettors can add friends, follow their bets and discuss topics such as daily fantasy sports Entries.

Phoenix will get sports betting in the nearby stadium

The recently legalized THE The sports betting market offers numerous ways to bet on stadium sports betting, including two that are within walking distance.

The Arizona Diamondbacks announced that the team would open a sportsbook on its Chase Field With Caesars. It’s easy Two blocks of the FanDuel Sports Betting that will be in the Phoenix Suns Arena.

DraftKings was the first to announce sports betting for retailers in the state almost a month ago. It will be a “visually breathtaking 19th hole experience” at build TPC Scottsdale, Home of the The waste management of the PGA Tour Phoenix Open.

The Louisiana representative is working on invoicing

Hopefully for those who voted to approve legal sports betting in Louisiana in 2020, Rep. John Stefanski found the support he needed last week.

Stefanski planned to spend time with members of the House of Representatives to get votes on his sports betting proposal, which includes three total bills. HB 697 hits the floor of the house for a third reading Monday.

There would be 20th Licenses available for $ 750,000 Overall front: $ 250,000 for an application and $ 500,000 For a five-Year license. Sports betting income would also be taxed 10% in retail and 18% on the phone.

Virginia breaks $ 300 million in sports betting

March madness helped to push become Sports betting deal more than $ 300 million in only its second full month.

Total grip hit $ 304.1 million. Adjusted sales were $ 13.8 million for a 8.7% stop.

The bets on college basketball tournaments added up $ 83.6 million, or 27.5% of the entire handle.

Underdog Fantasy collects money

Underdog Fantasy has raised $ 10 million in Series A financing round.

Investors include:

  • Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban
  • ESPN reporter Adam Schefter
  • Former Bron Corcoran, CEO of Paddy Power Betfair, among other.

The company also offers the greatest ever NFL best ball tournament with USD 1,000,001 to the first place.

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