The Kerala State Consumer Commission is asking theaters to provide 3D glasses free of charge

The Kerala State Consumer Dispute Redressal Commission ruled that 3D glasses should be provided free of charge when necessary for better viewing of 3D movies.

The consumer forum heard an appeal against an order issued in 2016 by the District Consumer Disputes Redressal Forum, Trivendrum.

In the present case, the theater staff insisted that the complainant pay a fee of Rs. 30 for the 3-D glasses, in addition to the cinema ticket for a 3-D film, ie Rs. 50. The applicant wore his own 3-D glasses to watch the film. Still, he was asked to pay an additional fee of Rs. 30th

The complainant turned to the District Consumer Forum and alleged that the theater’s act constituted a restrictive commercial practice under COPRA. The theater officials alleged that no such request to watch the film without purchasing the 3D glasses had been made.

The district forum stated that the theater may be able to charge an additional amount from those who need the 3D glasses. The complainant did not take this order into account and stated that it would not end the restrictive trading practices of the various theaters and would continue to charge an additional fee unhindered.

The state consumer forum noted that if theaters were allowed to charge the rent for 3D glasses, they would collect it based on their whims and expectations, which would lead to consumer exploitation.

The state consumer forum also found justification for the compensation and punitive damages imposed on the respondent by the district forum.

The forum also found that the district forum rightly stated that the quality of the 3D glasses was not proportional to the amount charged for them. The forum viewed the provision of poor quality glasses as “undue exploitation of the consumer”.

The forum therefore did not take into account the attractiveness of the respondent and decided that 3D glasses should be made available free of charge.

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