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The Home Gym Craze - What's Driving It?

Oct 16

Working out at home has a lot of advantages. You'll save time and money on one. Not to mention that you'll never have to wait for the curl-bro to give up the squat rack again. While there's some evidence that people are starting to return to the gym, home gyms are still extremely popular due to the Covid outbreak. There are legal implications for gym owners when it comes to maintaining a safe environment, which has become more difficult now due to the pandemic. That being said, you'll need some room to work out – after all, it's your home gym. Of course, you may workout in any room that you have extra space to spare.

Why People Are Buying Home Gyms Online

Aside from wanting to avoid legal complicatioins, a number of gyms have shut down or been forced to close due to the changing structure of America's daily lifestyle. It may seem difficult to get the same workout experience as a commercial gym in your tiny one-car garage. However, while maintaining an impressively compact footprint, this home gym idea has proved to be a big hitter.

While the home gym market has already seen considerable growth, experts predict it will continue to expand. The industry is valued at $4.4 billion in 2020 and is expected to grow at a compound annual rate of 21.6 percent from 2021 to 2028, according on Grand View Research. According to Grand View Research, future expansion will be driven by COVID infection rates and restrictions on public activity as a result.

So assuming you've decided to invest in some of the finest home fitness equipment, but you're not sure where to begin? We understand how it feels. Maybe you're on a budget or simply don't know much about the greatest home gym equipment. That's when we can assist. In our opinion, if you're just trying to tone, it's best to find a YouTube fitness channel that you like, get some dumbells in the 5, 10, 20, and 30 pound range (depending on your fitness level), and give that a try for 30 days. 

If you're looking for more of an authentic weight room experience, however, you'll need to invest in something more substantial and build out an actual space for a proper home gym. If that describes you, read on.

Fitness Equipment Retailers Are Offering Complete Home Gyms

We like the idea of being able to cross-train at home. This is the best way to build a home gym if you're into CrossFit or simply want to build major muscle groups. The home gym by Vulcan Strength Training Systems is pretty comprehensive. It includes a squat rack, bench, bumper plates, Olympic barbell, kettlebells, plyo box, plate tree, collars, a hamstring/glute developer, gymnastic rings, slam ball, medicine ball, and speed rope, plus it ships free. They're not the only fitness company offering bundles of fitness equipment for home gyms, it seems that most fitness equipment retailers are becoming aware that there is a change in the way Americans workout nowadays.

In a report by Murray Research, it was revealed that Users of today's online fitness services spend 5.8 times more on fitness than individuals who have never tried internet fitness. They are a very active group, and online fitness meets their desire for variety, convenience, and motivation. Online fitness, though, is just one aspect of their workout routines. More than two-thirds are currently members of a gym.

Will the home gym trend continue? Time will tell, but for now, it's gaining strength.