The Californian choose calls on Los Angeles to provide proof of coronavirus

The judge sympathized with the dining coalition suing the county, but said he needed to see evidence – or lack of it – before making a decision.

A California judge has asked Los Angeles to provide medical evidence of coronavirus transmission rates to justify the general ban on outdoor dining.

The order comes days after the California Restaurant Association asked a Los Angeles Supreme Court judge to review and block an order dated November 25 that bans restaurants from serving customers outdoors.

In their complaint, restaurant owners called for the ban to be lifted immediately, unless or until the Los Angeles Regulatory Authority provides “medical or scientific evidence” showing that eating outdoors poses a significant risk of facilitating the transmission of local coronavirus .

The CRA and its allies have claimed that there is no compelling reason to believe that al fresco dining contributed to California’s recent resurgence.

“The latest science-free contract from LA County highlights a particular industry and could put thousands of jobs at risk,” said Jot Condie, president and CEO of the California Restaurant Association. “There are thousands of restaurants and many thousands more employees who could be on the streets just before the holiday season.”

Downtown Los Angeles. Image via Wikimedia Commons / User: salewskia. (CCA-BY-4.0).

The Los Angeles Daily News reports that Los Angeles District Supreme Court Justice James Chalfant, despite refusing to lift the ban entirely, gave the city and its board of directors a week to obtain relevant evidence.

While the Daily News points out that Chalfant did indeed agree with arguments against the ban, he is reluctant to make a decision that could adversely affect public health without first explaining the city’s reasons for implementing a meal ban Check free.

Still, California Restaurant Association attorneys are optimistic that Chalfant will represent their side in a suit.

“There is no evidence or studies that eating outdoors is specifically a risk. There are deductive reasons that if you eat and don’t have a mask, it increases the chances of transmitting the virus, ”said CRA attorney Dennis Hill. “It is logical to conclude that there is a risk in all forms of eating, but there is no study, support, or evidence to suggest that there is an increase specifically related to eating.”

The Los Angeles Daily News notes that Los Angeles will have a ban on outdoor dining until December 16.

However, the city, which has started increasing and re-implementing coronavirus-related restrictions to cope with a rise in winter time in certain cases, could easily extend that date to the New Year or beyond.

ABC7 Los Angeles states that “coronavirus cases and hospitalizations have increased rapidly” across California since early November. In the past two weeks alone, coronavirus-related hospital stays have increased nearly 77%, while more than 14,000 new cases are reported in California each day.

City officials, including Mayor Eric Garcetti, have cited the surge as just one reason for restaurants to close.

“At this rate,” said Garcetti, “our hospitals won’t have spare beds by Christmas.”


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