South Dakota is just a signature away from legal sports betting

It wasn’t long before lawmakers hit that South Dakota Sports betting referendum passed at the ballot box in November.

The House passed SB 44 by a 58-8 poll Wednesday. That sends the legislation that would legalize sports betting Deadwoodto Gov. Kristi Noem. It is likely that Noem’s signature will be on the bill 59% their voters approved the referendum.

The SD sports betting legislation seems a bit restrictive as only Deadwood casinos are allowed to participate, but the market will likely be larger than the one based on a specific language in the bill.

At least sports bets are also offered at South Dakota 11 tribal casinos. Anything that is allowed in a state’s commercial casinos can also be offered by federal law tribal casinos.

Sports betting in South Dakota could also include mobile betting

SB 44 was formulated in such a way that mobile sports betting is possible without actually being required:

All sports betting may only be performed on the premises of a licensed game Establishment as approved by the Commission within the city of Deadwood. Every operator or a route operator authorized by the Commission to conduct sports betting Install and maintain commission approved equipment to ensure all bets are placed are placed in the premises of a licensed Gambling establishment as approved by the Commission within the city of Deadwood.

All a casino has to do is keep their mobile sports betting server in their Deadwood casino. A mobile sportsbook operator could then theoretically accept bets from anywhere in the state. This idea is not secure in state or federal law.

Personal registration could restrict the market

There’s a bit of SB 44 that might hold back sports betting in South Dakota:

A person who opens a prepaid sports betting account with one Operator or route operator set up the account personally at of the operator or the route Operator-licensed gaming facility in the city of Deadwood using an application approved by the Commission.

Personal registration means the currently flowing tax money Iowa will likely continue to do so. Is deadwood almost six hours from the eastern border of the state. Given that Iowa now allows mobile sports betting registration, those near Iowa will find it easier to start or continue betting in Iowa than it is to travel to Deadwood.

What is prohibited under SD sports betting?

Most typical bets are allowed under South Dakota sports betting laws. Of course, you cannot bet on university sports like in all other constitutional states.

There are a few other prohibited markets:

  • No betting on minor league sports.
  • No betting on colleges in the state of South Dakota.
  • Prop bets on the performance of an individual college athlete are also not permitted.

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