SLS Hyderabad | National conference [Child Rights] | May 15, 2021

The Center for Human Rights, part of the Symbiosis Law School in Hyderabad, is pleased to organize a one-day national conference on the subject “Children’s Rights” on May 15, 2021.

About the Center for Human Rights

The Symbiosis Law School in Hyderabad offers its students the opportunity to acquire expertise and specialization in various areas of law. To encourage this, students and faculties can set up centers of specialization in various fields, including the Center for Human Rights. The center was founded with the aim of spreading awareness and knowledge about human rights among the masses, supporting and advocating the rights of marginalized communities in our society and trying to change people’s perception. The center has conducted various lectures, workshops, seminars and field visits on various topics related to human rights abuses across the country. In the two years of its creation, the center has taken numerous initiatives and organized various workshops and conferences both at institutional and national level.

As part of its flagship events, the center has organized a series of lectures on the future prospects of Indian law graduates in the Middle East, a two-day national seminar – CONVERSE’19 on “Exploring the Current Problems and Challenges of Women’s Rights”, two-day national seminar on the Unified Civil Code (UCC ) in January 2020, two-day national seminar – CONVERSE ’20 on business and human rights, national essay-writing competition on terrorism with a special focus on human rights. The center has also worked on refugee issues in close collaboration with Edinboro University, USA, particularly with regard to the Rohingya refugees in Bolapur, Hyderabad.

About the conference

Ensuring the basic human rights of the vulnerable part of society are the basic principles of the rule of law. The most affected and vulnerable part of society are children, not to mention their plight in internal unrest, violence and conflict-like situations. One of the challenges facing the world today is ensuring the basic human rights of children. The international human rights regime in relation to children dealt with in the framework of the UNCRC includes the concerns of the international community to deal with the rights of children. However, it is necessary to check whether the governments are complying with international obligations. The increasing pattern of human rights abuses and child exploitation in the form of child labor, substance abuse, sexual exploitation, human trafficking, pornography, etc. is worrying. There are national laws to address these issues in India. However, thought needs to be given to the effectiveness of the existing legal system to address issues related to violations of children’s rights. It should be noted that the global spread of COVID-19 has severely affected children and their rights guaranteed by various international instruments, and the need to study the legal implications and effectiveness of these laws is becoming the order of the day. Taking into account the considerations and growing concerns about children’s rights, this one-day e-conference provides a platform for scholars, students, academics and other personalities to deliberate on the pressing issues and take stock of child protection regimes under the UNCRC as well as under various rights regimes Laws, statutes, guidelines and schemes implemented in India.

Type of conference

The one-day national conference will be carried out in virtual mode, taking into account the current pandemic situation.

Important data

Deadline for submitting the abstract; April 30, 2021

Deadline for submitting the full paper: May 5, 2021

Registration deadline: May 10, 2021

Conference date: May 15, 2021

For more information please contact

Sweta Mishra: +9173375 82738

Rupal Chhaya: +918106423733


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