SC publishes a discover in a PIL aiming for a box-by-box census in 2021

The Apex court issued a notice in a public interest litigation regarding instructions to the government to conduct a box-wise census, particularly for the backward classes in 2021.

With this plea, the petitioner was looking for instructions for the Ministry of the Interior, the department for social justice and empowerment of the central government. Instructions were also obtained from the National Commission on Backward Classes to conduct a box-by-box census.

The petitioner argued that a box-by-box count of backward classes would also help in implementing reservations about education, Panchayat Raj elections, employment in various sectors and local elections.

The petitioner also stated that the incomplete data on people of backward classes made it difficult to determine the percentage of reservations required. Usually the established percentage is not proportional to their population.

According to the petitioner, in 2021 the government published a proforma for conducting national censuses that has 32 columns made up of heads such as Hindu, Muslim, SC, etc., but does not include a separate head for OBCs.

The plea also states that the government planned to allocate a separate budget for the growth and development of OBCs. However, nothing would be of benefit to them unless and until their data is collected.

The petitioner also pointed to the Justice Rohini Commission, which was set up in 2017 to improve and uplift marginalized communities and which needs more time to produce an adequate report on it.

The petitioner presented the constitutional mandate to the bank, which stipulates that no one should be discriminated against on the basis of race, gender, caste, belief or skin color, and all are subject to equal opportunities.

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