SC allowed Jamiat Ulema-E-Hind to intervene as a respondent in complaints towards the legal guidelines of “love jihad”

The Apex Court allowed Jamiat Ulema-E-Hind to intervene in petitions filed to challenge the interfaith marriage and religious conversion laws passed by Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, etc.

Jamiat Ulema-E-Hind is a group of Islamic scholars, and the lawyer who works for this organization has filed a motion to act as an interviewee against the laws of “love jihad”.

The bank inquired about the location of this body, to which the lawyer replied that the Muslim youth are violated and harassed by these laws.

That plea was heard along with the two main PILs tabled to challenge religious conversion laws, and the bank allowed the motion for implementation.

Originally, the PILs were submitted to challenge the “Love Jihad” laws passed by Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand. Following the enactment of similar laws by the governments of Madhya Pradesh and Himachal Pradesh, the petitioners requested an amendment to challenge the latter as well.

The amendment was tabled on the grounds that these two acts were included in the allegations made against the provisions of the original PIL.

In several cases, however, the Supreme Court has refused to support the petitions submitted to challenge the laws of love jihad. They did not allow the petitions and asked the petitioners to contact the respective high courts.

According to the petitioners, interfaith marriage and conversion laws violate the citizens’ right under Article 21 as their privacy is not restored.

In addition, by passing such laws, state governments are on the verge of controlling the lives and decisions of citizens.

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