Ohio Sports Betting Bill sees several changes in its introduction

The senate Co-sponsors the proposed Ohio Sports betting legislation introduced the bill on Wednesday with a few changes.

Unfortunately, some of the changes caused more confusion about what OH sports betting might look like than they responded to.

The 15-minute hearing also lacked an update of the timetable to be expected for the legislation. Senator Kirk Schuring said he wants to pass the bill before the end of June at a press conference last week.

Changes to Ohio Sports Betting Bill

Senator Nathan Manning several changes made SB 176. He also noted that this is a labor invoice and expects further adjustments:

  • Type A. Mobile licensees must be physically present in the state. The licensee can also subcontract unlimited mobile betting skins.
  • Type B. Retail licenses are now available for racinos and casinos. The Casino Control Commission can also use a “regional factor” to drive economic growth in deciding who will receive the licenses. Schuring originally informed LSR that type B licensees would not have to “bank” the bet. That is being changed now, according to Manning.
  • The language for first-come-first-served licenses has been removed.

Unchanged details include the tax rate of 10% and the 40 Total licenses, with 20th for both categories.

Unlimited mobile phone licenses under one operator?

The Type A license was already a bit confusing, only to get a little mixed up on Wednesday.

Anyone who wants to offer mobile betting in the state of Ohio has to “transfer the bet” according to Schuring. As he explained to LSR, this means accepting the risk for the bet.

So there can be as many mobile betting skins under a licensee as desired, but the bet must be returned to the licensee according to the changes regardless of the platform. What this means in practice remains to be seen.

Another suggestion for OH sports betting is coming

SB 176 is the only Ohio sports betting proposal currently on the table, but it won’t stay that way for long.

Legislation in the House is still under construction, MP Brigid Kelly said LSR:

“It is still a work in progress. Much work had been done. In my opinion [last year’s bill] has laid a good foundation, but when you bring new people into the mix you know it’s different perspectives, new conversations. So we’re still working on it. “

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