Non secular processions ought to promote positivity, not disruption, of the group – Madras HC

The Madras High Court approved the petition seeking public participation in a ritual called the Girivalam, in which the procession is led around a temple.

The petitioner wanted the public to also take part in the procession that goes around a temple in the Dindigul district.

The bank noted that law enforcement should give permission as long as religious processions are not intended to cause disruption in the community and continue to spread positivity and brotherhood.

The petitioner alleged that the Dindigul district collector (Respondent 1) had prohibited more than five people from collecting outside the temple.

The petitioner stated that he has been conducting this procession for 20 years and that it is being restricted for unreasonable reasons.

The interviewee, Inspector of Police, stated that members of various Hindu organizations would also be part of the procession and that they would carry placards and microphone sets and sing slogans, which has been criticized by members of the Islamic religion.

According to people of the Islamic religion, Rock Fort is their religious site where they practice their religious activities like namaz and prayers while Hindus planned to light lamps.

Respondents said they would have to use 600 police officers to control a situation where Hindu and Islam practice religion in the same place.

The bank rejected the objections raised by respondents, stating that everyone has the right to engage in religious activities, taking into account unity, diversity and community harmony.

The bank also mentioned that with its contested order of 12/28/2020 it had given permission for this ritual and should be complied with.

However, the bank also stated that the Covid-19 protocol should be followed and provocative slogans or gestures should not be continued.

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