Lawsuit: Florida woman says Jeffrey Epstein raped her and threatened to feed her alligators

The anonymous plaintiff, originally from Turkey, says Epstein threatened to feed her alligators if she ever told someone what he did to her.

A Florida woman has filed a lawsuit against Jeffrey Epstein’s estate claiming the late billionaire repeatedly raped her in front of her young son.

The plaintiff – identified only as “Jane Doe” – also claims that celebrity and Epstein associate Ghislaine Maxwell was not only present when she was sexually assaulted, but also played an active, participatory role.

Doe was reportedly cared for by Epstein and Maxwell for several months.

She was originally introduced to Epstein at an event held by her employer, a real estate company. Doe was hired to find a rental property for Epstein, which the billionaire later took for $ 10,000 a month. Epstein then expressed an interest in hiring Doe full-time. To lure her, he offered a competitive salary and gave her and her ex-husband “expensive” gifts.

Later in the year, Doe claims, Maxwell confiscated her passport “for safekeeping.”

Several months later – in large part due to Maxwell’s “persistent efforts” – Do agreed to consider working for Epstein.

A mug shot from 2006 of Jeffrey Epstein, arrested at the time for requesting a prostitute. Public domain.

Then, according to the lawsuit, Doe was invited to Epstein’s Palm Beach, Florida home in January 2008. While Doe – also a trained hairdresser – had the impression that she was simply going to give Epstein a haircut, the billionaire raped her shortly after she arrived.

After Epstein stopped raping the woman, he incited her to accept $ 200.

When Doe said she wanted to leave – and threatened to contact law enforcement – Maxwell replied that the police were already on their way. Moments later, “two men who claimed to be police officers” appeared at Epstein’s front door. There they threatened to arrest Doe for prostitution and said they would take their son away too.

With little recourse, Epstein and Maxwell have allegedly forced Doe into their own vehicle; The three then picked up Doe’s little son on the way to their hotel room in Naples.

On the way, Doe was ordered to pull over to the side of the road.

There, beside a swampy waterway, Epstein allegedly promised to kill her if she ever told anyone what he’d done.

“[Epstein] told her at length that, like other women in the past, she would end up in this body of water and be devoured by alligators if she ever revealed what Epstein had done to her, ”the lawsuit said.

For more than five months, Doe says, Epstein had been controlling her movements, forcing her to have sex with numerous other people. On several occasions, she was forced to pose naked for pictures and was also videotaped for sexual activity.

Doe also claims Epstein was intimidated into having “unwanted surgery” performed on her genitals.

That operation, says The Miami Herald, was supposed to restore Does Hymen – so that Epstein could then prostitute her as a virgin for his and Maxwell’s “high-profile” clients.

The lawsuit, says The Naples Daily News, names Darren Indyke and Richard Kahn, who are the two co-executors of the Epstein estate, as defendants.


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