Kerala HC declined to suspend the police investigation into ED

The Kerala Supreme Court refused to suspend the FIR investigation filed by the Kerala Criminal Investigation Department against a few enforcement officers.

According to the plea, “the nameless officials” of ED are said to have forced the accused gold smuggler Swapna Suresh to make false statements against the Prime Minister of Kerala and other state ministers.

However, the bank gave the ED officers some relief and directed the police officers not to take any coercive measures against the former until the next trial date. Apart from that, the court also recorded the prosecution’s promise that no official witnesses would be asked to appear before the court until the next scheduled hearing on the case.

The attorney on behalf of ED, Attorney General Tushar Mehta, urged that the investigation be temporarily suspended as ED’s evidence in the gold smuggling case is weakening day by day and the damage would be irreparable and irreversible.

The SG also emphasized that the ongoing investigation holds the possibility of influencing the NIA and Customs case. The SG stated that the matter surfaced in August 2020 and the police filed an FIR in March 2021. If they waited seven months for an FIR to be filed, stopping the investigation for ten days would not affect the complainant.

The bank stated that the aftermath of the ED case will be determined after the hearing is closed. The bank therefore set April 8th as the next hearing and declined to suspend the investigation.

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