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Is it possible to hide my real identity while surfing the dark web using Tor?

Nov 7

Tor protects you by hiding your IP address from the websites you visit. However, if your computer, browser, or yourself provide personal information that may be tied to you, you can be detected.

To avoid your computer or browser from revealing sensitive data, use the Tor Browser or Tails. To assist, see The Tor Project's recommendations.

If you're new to Tor, you might want to look into getting yourself a VPN for an added layer of security while surfing the net. Simply install the browser bundle in the usual manner after downloading it.

Tor Browser conceals your online activities from anybody monitoring your connection. All that anyone watching your surfing habits can observe is that you're utilizing Tor.

Don't worry if the website does not load when you try to visit a v2 or v3 .onion URL; this is quite typical. Websites frequently rise/fall or go entirely dark. Tor communities and sites are subject to such fluctuations.

To use Tor hidden services, such as and, you don't need to download or install Tor yourself. Onion sites can be accessed by utilizing and, two websites that allow you to access Tor hidden services without needing to use Tor itself. While this may be useful, it is generally not suggested since the people running and will know what .onion sites you visited and your IP address would be revealed to them if they have kept logs or had to supply information to the police..

According to Magnus Erickson, founder of

If you live in a country with strict Internet laws, or if you are worried about your Internet Provider learning that you're using Tor, it's advisable to connect to your VPN provider first, then establish the Tor link.

Your Internet Provider will not be aware of this since you connected to your VPN provider first and then established the Tor connection.

Tor, by default, is effective at shielding your anonymity. No one would use it if it weren't. Even when JavaScript is enabled, you're typically OK. The only de-anonymization assault we've seen against Tor users was possible because the user was using an out-of-date version of the Tor Browser Bundle. So be sure to update whenever necessary.