Illinois Village Mayor and brother of former Bear Linebacker indicted in playing ring

Casey Urlacher, the brother of Brian Urlacher, linebacker of the Chicago Bears Hall of Fame, was part of a group of ten indicted on February 20, 2020 for operating an illegal offshore sports game ring.

According to the indictment, alleged ringleader Vincent DelGiudice paid a Costa Rica-based sports betting operator a fee to use its online gambling platform. DelGiudice then asked players to place bets on the site. In order to increase the number of players, DelGiudice hired agents, including Urlacher, to attract additional players in order to reduce their eventual losses. The indictment explicitly states that Urlacher helped a player create a login and password for the Costa Rican website.

The prosecution also charges Nicholas Stella, an 18-year-old Chicago Police Department veteran, representing DelGiudice. Stella has since been suspended from the Chicago Police Department. “Those who enforce the law should understand more than anyone the importance of obeying the law,” said Charlie Beck, superintendent of the Chicago Police Department. “[T]The allegations against suspended officer Nicholas Stella are very serious and, when proven, undermine everything that the men and women of the Chicago Police Department represent. “

The ring reportedly made a multi-million dollar profit. For example, in a search of DelGiudice’s home in Orland Park, Illinois in April 2019, federal agents found more than $ 1.06 million in cash, $ 347,895 in silver bars and jewelry, and $ 92,623 in gold coins.

When asked about the charges, Urlacher told the Chicago Sun-Times, “I don’t know about this. I don’t know who you’re talking about. “In particular, Urlacher is the mayor of the small village of Mettawa, Illinois. Former NFL linebacker Brian Urlacher was not named on the federal prosecutor’s indictment and appears unrelated to the indictments or the illegal gambling ring.

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