Florida Attorney General Moody is suing the Biden administration over immigration policy changes

According to Moody, the new immigration policy will force local law enforcement agencies to release undocumented immigrants back into the Florida communities.

Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody has filed a lawsuit against the Biden administration alleging the president’s new immigration policies threaten public safety.

The 28-page complaint, filed on Monday, suggests that a temporary freeze on deportations could put an undue burden on Florida law enforcement.

“The actions of the Biden administration will allow criminal aliens to be released and roam free in the state of Florida, and the resulting crime will cost the state millions of dollars in law enforcement, detention and assistance to crime victims” wrote Moody in her lawsuit. “It will also do unquantifiable harm to Florida’s citizens, forcing the state to use its own law enforcement resources to fill the void.”

The lawsuit, according to The Miami-Herald, targets two memos filed by the US Department of Homeland Security and its subsidiary US Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

While one memo was released on January 20 and the other on February 18, both seek to protect undocumented immigrants currently in the United States pending deportation.

Border guards. Image via Pixabay / User: mademoddymad. (CCA-BY-0.0)

The January 20 memo, the Herald said, mandated a 100-day “break in certain moves to focus the department’s resources where they are most needed.”

However, a Texas judge quickly blocked the freeze on the deportation and caused the Department of Homeland Security to issue revised guidelines setting “intermediate priorities” for the agency.

The revised memo instructs Homeland Security and ICE officers to focus their efforts on the arrest, arrest, and deportation of undocumented immigrants who pose a serious threat to national security, have been convicted of violent crimes, or are known gang members.

In addition to these established categories, the memo also allows the deportation of migrants caught crossing the US border on or after November 1st.

Moody contends that the administration’s policy is against federal law.

“Within hours of being sworn in, President Joseph R. Biden Jr. and members of his administration violated the oath of office, violated Congressional laws, failed to protect US citizens and immigrants alike, and created what will quickly become public. Security nightmare, “says the lawsuit.

Moody also suggested that the guidelines have resulted in undocumented immigrants being “released” into the ground and that ICE detainees may be annulled by the federal government.

The Tampa Bay Times notes that while ICE canceled “some detainees,” cancellation does not automatically result in the release of a migrant – they may continue to be held in county jails for other reasons, such as suspected crime.

One of the two Department of Homeland Security memos stated that the agency lacks the resources to prosecute low-risk migrants, especially as U.S. law enforcement agencies struggle to keep the border closed amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

“Due to limited resources, the DHS cannot respond to all immigration violations or unlawfully remove everyone in the US. Rather, DHS must conduct civil immigration enforcement based on reasonable priorities and changing circumstances, ”the agency wrote in its memo. “DHS’s priorities in enforcing civil immigration are national security, border security, and public security.”


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