Come on, come everyone for changes at MD Sports Betting Senate Hearing

Many people have testified in support of a proposal MD Sports betting bill – as long as it is changed as you want.

HB 940 had his first hearing in the senate Before the Budget and Tax Committee Thursday Afternoon. Nobody was directly against the bill, but many wanted to make sure their needs were met prior to handover.

Sen. Craig Sugar suggested LSR changes could come into the bill, but none were officially offered at Thursday’s hearing.

Sports betting in Maryland received voter approval in Novemberwhat commissioned the legislature with the drafting of the Enabling Act. While there is nothing to say that sports betting needs to be legalized this year, it is expected to be the case.

Kerry Watson from MGM resorts even suggested his sports betting app BetMGM could live in the state before NFL Season starts in September.

OTBs want to step into MD sports betting legislation

Almost all of the proposed changes to the statements concerned licensing. HB 940 is currently calling 37 licenseswhat differs from its original 23::

  • 12th Class A licenses for casinos, horse tracks and stadiums.
  • 10 Class B licenses for local businesses.
  • 15th Cell Phones Licenses.

Alyse Cohen, the sole owner of the off-track betting site Long shotsdemanded that the state’s four independent OTBs be guaranteed a retail license if they want one. Cohen later added that the viability of a retail location without a mobile license was “compromised”.

She wants to see one too 10 to 15 miles Geofence around non-urban and less populous places such as Longshots to protect against “unjustified competition”. The bill already creates an exclusivity zone for sports betting in retail of up to 24 km, depending on the location.

River boat on the Potomacwho works as a Maryland OTB but docks Virginiais included in the Class A licenses.

Electronic bingo companies also want to take part

Michael Arringtonhaving a lobbyist Capitol connectionsalso wants a Class A license for the state’s two electronic bingo sites.

Electronic bingo machines are similar to slot machines except for the paper receipts that are printed with each spin. The facilities are already licensed by the Maryland Lottery and Gambling Commission. Representatives of both Bingo world and Rod ‘N’ Reel also testified in support of the bill.

“Every component of our core business is similar to the operations of the companies currently covered as Class A in HB 940,” said Arrington. “It makes absolutely no sense that we shouldn’t be accepted into Class A.”

What about MD mobile sports betting licenses?

There were also plenty of testimonials about those 15 cell phone licenses and whether that’s the correct number.

John Pappas Represent iDEA growth, Malik Edwards from Bet on Black LLC, and Bob Greenlee from IG Acquisition Corp. Everyone wants to see more mobile licenses. Both Pappas and Edwards were asking for at least the same amount as total retail licenses – 22nd for now. At least Greenlee wants it 25th Licenses.

On the other hand, Rob Garagiola, on behalf of speak Cordish Cos. Live! Casino, asked 12th mobile licenses.

“If you look at other states like Pennsylvania, which have twice the population of Maryland, they have 12 active skins in all of their casinos,” Garagiola said. “… It’s a lot easier to add more skins later when the Maryland market can handle more skins than having too many skins to start with with a watered-down market, less revenue, and possibly failing mobile licensees.

Garagiola and Watson asked both casinos to automatically get a mobile license as well.

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