California woman escapes Lyft drive through window, files lawsuit

Fearing for her life, the Vallejo woman escapes her Lyft ride and files a lawsuit against the company.

A Vallejo, Calif., Woman, Gsa Gsa Ward, has filed a recent lawsuit against Lyft in the San Francisco Supreme Court alleging that she had had a particularly traumatic experience. Her driver “turned into a dark alley, stopped the car and locked the doors, forcing her to escape the vehicle’s window,” they allege.

Ward claims she called the driver to take her from home to a nearby supermarket just after 1:00 a.m. in April 2019. The lawsuit states: “Ms. Ward believed greeting a Lyft ride would be safer than walking at night. “Lyft didn’t give her the full name of the driver, but the app said he rode” Rex “.

“Shortly after the journey began, Rex drove off course and turned into a dark side street without explanation,” says the suit. “MS. Ward asked Rex what he was doing and got no answer so she started patting him on the shoulder to get his attention. Rex then stopped at the curb, stopped the car and locked the doors. As When the man knocked again, he responded with the only sound she had ever heard from him, a gurgling ‘mm mm’ sound that he made after she gave him directions to the petrol station with the store, then lowered Rex removed his visor and revealed a crystal meth pipe. Mrs. Ward exclaimed, “Oh no!” And Rex reached for something Mrs. Ward couldn’t see. “

Photo by Elijah O’Donnell from Pexels

At this point, Ward was about to get out and tried to open her door, but it was locked. She had to try to escape through the window. “When Mrs. Ward climbed through her window, Rex tried to close the window,” the suit claimed. But she managed to pull herself out and ran home.

Before she had a chance to call Lyft, Ward said she received a call indicating that the company had received a report that it exited the drive over the window. Lyft asked her if she did this because she didn’t want to pay. “

“She also received an email from Lyft at 1:20 am admonishing her not to jump out of the car when it was moving, when she could simply ask the driver to stop to let you out.” so the suit.

Ward filing comes at the same time Lyft is being charged with mass harm by dozens of women for sexually assaulting drivers. Uber also had several claims for inappropriate driving behavior.

Lyft responded to her case: “Safety is fundamental to the company. Since day one, we’ve developed products and policies that help protect drivers and drivers, and we will continue our work to make Lyft an even safer platform for our community. “The company added,” It requires initial and annual background checks for drivers and conducts continuous surveillance for crime and driving records. Passengers can access emergency aid at any time via the app and reach a living person after a trip. “


Vallejo’s wife is suing Lyft for alleged kidnapping by meth pipe drivers

Vallejo’s wife flees Lyft from window after driver with meth pipe locks doors, claims lawsuit

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